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Date: Mercredi 07 Novembre 2012
Ville - Pays: Curitiba - Brésil
Salle: Master Hall

Standing In The Sun
Back From Cali
Mr Brownstone
Rocket QueenSlash france solo live conspirators myles kennedy 2012 curitiba master hall
Beggars and Hangers On
Far and Away

We're All Gonna Die (Todd Kerns)
Out Ta Get Me (Todd Kerns)
No More Heroes
Godfather / Anastasia
You're A Lie
Sweet Child O' Mine

By The Sword
Paradise City
Affluence: 3400 personnes
Durée: 120 minutes
Première(s) partie(s) : Edguy
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Slash: It sounds like a more enthusiastic than usual crowd is gathering outside. It's going to be a wild one tonight! iiii]; )'
Muito Obrigado Curitiba! Fucking great night tonight. Fantastic vibe! We'll be back again soon!
RnFnR! iiii]; )'
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