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Date: Lundi 15 Juillet 2013
Ville - Pays: Gilford, NH - Etats-Unis
Salle: Meadowbrook
Standing In The Sun

Back From Cali
Mr Brownstone
Welcome To The Jungle
You're a Lie
Sweet Child O' Mine
Paradise City
Affluence: 8300 personnes
Durée: 60 minutes
Première(s) partie(s) : Stone Bullet
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Slash: Just checked into my room in NH; there is an armchair next to the head of the bed like I should be expecting a therapist shortly. iiii]; D'
Tough crowd n Gilford. I think we won them over about 1/2way thru. All's well that ends well! We had a good time. DL sounds great! iiii]; )'
U guys are all awesome. Cheers! & goodnight! iiii]; )'
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