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Date: Jeudi 14 Février 2013
Ville - Pays: Kaunas - Lituanie
Salle: Zalgiris Arena
Standing In The Sun

Been There Lately
Back From Cali
Mr Brownstone
Shots FiredSlash france conspirators kaunas lituanie 2013
Bad Rain
Far & Away

Dr Alibi (Todd Kerns)
You're Crazy (Todd Kerns)
Rocket Queen
No More Heroes
You're A Lie
Sweet Child O' Mine

Welcome to The Jungle (Todd Kerns)
Paradise City

Affluence: 14500 personnes
Durée: 120 minutes
Première(s) partie(s) : Velvet Supernova
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Infos diverses sur ce concert:

Slash: 30 minutes from the Lithuanian border. Today marks my 1st time ever here. Looking forward to a great gig at Zalgiris Arena! iiii]; )'
Happy Valentine's Day Twitterdom! This is the only day of the year where it's legal to have sex in public. No, really. iiii]; )'

V D in Kaunas, Lithuania! It wasn't wild, relentless sex on a bed covered in roses & petroleum jelly. But it was pretty fn' rad. iiii]; )'
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