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Date: Samedi 20 Octobre 2012
Ville - Pays: Paris - France
Salle: Le Zénith
Standing In The SunSlash france live conspirators myles kennedy paris zenith 2012
Back from Cali
Been There Lately

Mr Brownstone
Rocket Queen
Bad Rain
Far and Away
We're All Gonna Die
Out Ta Get Me
No More Heroes
Blues Jam / Anastasia
You're A Lie
Sweet Child O' Mine

Fall To Pieces
Paradise City
Affluence: 6300 personnes
Durée: 120 minutes
Première(s) partie(s) : Ginger Wildheart
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Infos diverses sur ce concert:

Todd Kerns est venu chanter "Suckerpunch" le set de Ginger Wildheart.
"Far And Away" a été joué pour la première fois devant un public !
Ginger Wildheart: To night we play at the Zenith in Paris. Doors 6pm, we are on stage at 7.30pm.
Paris crowds are utterly bonkers and completely brilliant. Best gig of the tour. Ironic as I was feeling like death before we played.The power of rock n roll, eh?

Todd Kerns: Just got off stage from jamming with Ginger et al! Next up Slash avec Myles et Le Conspiraors in Paris at Le Zenith! Pardon the poor French

Brent Fitz: Gonna be a great show tonight!
Slash: Fuck, what an intense crowd! iiii]; D'
Paris, vous étiez ce soir fantastique. J'espère que nous étions dignes. je vous remercie. vous revoir bientôt! iiii]; )'

Myles Kennedy: Thank you Paris. You are always so good to us.

Todd Kerns: [...] Then we had a day off in Paris which is always amazing. I have seen so much of it with still so much I will never see. Since it was Frank’s first time we tried to do the ol’ Paris once over. Arc De Triomphe to the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower. All on foot. Good walk. I’ve never been inside any of those attractions but I like to catch a glimpse of em whenever I’m in Paris.
That night we met up with Rich from Ginger’s band for a bit around the Moulin Rouge. Rich and I have known one another a long time. He is a talented guy. I’m proud of him for making a career for himself so far from home. He was born in England but he grew up in Canada. I’d like to do some extended time in London. Paris too for that matter. Ya never know!

I got up with Ginger and the gang for a third time in Paris but this time I played Suckerpunch from the first Wildhearts album. That’s a rowdy one. Big fun!

As I mentioned above the crowd was on fire. We were in the dressing room area listening to the audience going mad. It reminded me so much of Argentina. France has been incredible to us and this night was no exception. It was a rowdy, sweaty night from song one to the end and beyond.
We played Far And Away for the first time since the acoustic Guitar Center Sessions program. That is an amazing song if I do say so myself. Myles really tapped into some magic there. One of his best vocal performances ever. Gifted boy.
Thank you, Paris. See you again soon!
Funny how familiar Paris is now when I’d only been there for the first time in 2010. That shows you how many times we’ve been there since then!

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