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Date: Lundi 22 Octobre 2012
Ville - Pays: Zurich - Suisse
Salle: Volkhaus

Standing In The Sun
Back from Cali
Been There Lately
Mr Brownstone
Rocket Queen
Hard & Fast
Far and Away
Dr Alibi
You're Crazy
No More Heroes Slash france live conspirators 2012 myles kennedy zurich suisse ginger forget about it
Blues Jam / Anastasia
You're A Lie
Sweet Child O' Mine

Fall To Pieces
Paradise City
Affluence: 1100 personnes
Durée: 120 minutes
Première(s) partie(s) : Ginger Wildheart
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Infos diverses sur ce concert:

Todd Kerns a joué le titre "Forget About it" avec Ginger.

Ginger: Zurich! Tonight we play at Volkshaus with Slash! Doors are at 7, we're onstage at 8PM
Zürich was mental. Took a bit of work at first but had them dancing & clapping by halfway and cheering like fuck by the end. We ♥ Zürich. x
Holy Fucking Shit, Slash is ripping the shit out of his guitar tonight. I mean, he always mad good (obviously), but tonight? Crikey!!

Todd kerns: Zurich tonight-Slash and Ginger!!! A match made in hell!

Slash: Fell asleep for 5 mns, woke in a panic thinking i was late. Took a shower, packed & they told me the show is 2morrow. Road life. iiii]; )'
These decibel restrictions they have in some countries straight up suck. iiii]; p
Hey, I hope it was loud enough. I'm pretty sure our FH pushed it a bit. Great crowd regardless. More than made up for DB limits. Iiii]; )'

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