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Slash "Made In Stoke"- 24/07/2011

Slash france made in Stoke capture DVD reviewWe got the opportunity to "pre-view" the first Slash solo DVD "Made In Stoke".
This DVD means a lot to us because, we've been to Stoke to attend this show last summer.
The DVD we watched was a promo stuff so there was no menu or bonus added, just the show. But we know that there will have 3 bonus in the regular DVD edition.

Stoke On trent, UK. The well-known city where rockers like Lemmy or Slash and the popstar Robbie Williams were born.
Last summer, Slash returns to Stoke, his childhood city, to play a sold out gig. So, there was no doubt, the live DVD from the "We're All Gonna Die" Tour will be recorded there, in the Victoria Hall, a small 1500 people venue. Fans joined the city with force because the show was sold out in less than one hour.

It was in front of true fans the top-hatted guitarist started the show with "Been There lately". Slash france made in Stoke capture DVD review
From the very first to the very last song, we can feel again perfectly, the ambiance, the energy, the joyful audience and the big guitar sound (mixed by Eric Valentine) we heard there.

The performance from the band was really representative from the Tour.
Bobby Schneck, discreet rythm guitarist but reliable, Todd Kerns hot and giant bassist from hell on backing vocals, and Brent Fitz hammered his drumkit like no one.
Myles Kennedy was doing a great job on vocals, singing songs from Guns n' Roses to Velvet Revolver from Snakepit to Slash solo record.

The lead guitarist has done a great performance too, coming back & forth from sides of the stage, jumping around, sweating under his top hat.
On a guitar point of view, as far as I remembered, there was no mistakes done, so I think the DVD was no overdubs added. The performance was really good.
Slash france made in Stoke capture DVD review
I gotta say, the image we got from Slash drunk, walking like a zombie from the Guns era is now far away because Slash is sober, alive and kicking and can ensure a show like a pro.

The audience is on fire when Slash starts playing anything from Guns n' Roses and he gives all he got to the audience.
In 2011, the Godfather can really play again and it works well !

What a fuckin' hapiness to be abble to watch a Slash video with pure 16:9 image and dolby 5.1 sound.

An absolute MUST-HAVE for Slash and Guns n' Roses Fans. A MUST-SEE for guitar freaks and Rock fans

Review by Slash2baz - @Slash France 11/02/2011

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C'est Ross Halfin, le célèbre photographe (METALLICA), qui a pris les photos qui feront la couverture du DVD et du CD qui l'accompagnera.

Filmé au Victoria Hall de Stoke on Trent, UK
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