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Living The Dream
  1. Call of the Wild (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  2. Serve You Right (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  3. My Antidote (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  4. Mind Your Manners (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  5. Lost Inside the Girl (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  6. Read Between the Lines (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  7. Slow Grind (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  8. The One You Loved Is Gone (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  9. Driving Rain (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  10. Sugar Cane (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  11. The Great Pretender (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  12. Boulevard of Broken Hearts (Slash / Myles Kennedy)

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Slash: "I initially wrote it at home on an acoustic guitar and
then brought it in to the guys. It's a bit different for us, and it was
one of those things where you play it for people and you don't know
what their reactions are going to be — if they're going to hear what you
hear. So, you sort of sheepishly present it, and you try and look
serious, but also not too serious, in case you embarrass the shit out of
yourself. [Laughs] But, the guys actually took to it pretty
quickly and we started to put the arrangement together. And I love the
vocal — when I first heard Myles sing it, I thought, 'God, that's
really sort of an overtly romantic song...' It wasn't until he
explained it to me that I went, 'Oh, this is really dark!'"

Myles: "The lyric is basically about an Instagram
stalker — someone who's obsessed with someone else on social media to
the point where, in their head, it's getting a little scary. And yet the
person they're following has no idea they even exist. To me, that's one
of the interesting things about social media. You put yourself out
there and you post photos of your life and you kind of allow people in.
But there's some people that, once you do let them in, they think
they're more a part of the overall picture than you originally intended
and it gets a little wacky. Overall, this is probably my favorite track
on the record. I just love Slash's guitar part — it's really haunting. It's just a really special piece of music."

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