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Living The Dream
  1. Call of the Wild (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  2. Serve You Right (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  3. My Antidote (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  4. Mind Your Manners (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  5. Lost Inside the Girl (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  6. Read Between the Lines (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  7. Slow Grind (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  8. The One You Loved Is Gone (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  9. Driving Rain (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  10. Sugar Cane (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  11. The Great Pretender (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  12. Boulevard of Broken Hearts (Slash / Myles Kennedy)

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Slash: "I think this one is the most unorthodox song on the
record. Maybe not arrangement-wise, but definitely style-wise. It was
difficult to capture the feel of what I was hearing in my head,
especially when it came to being able to slow everything down from how
we normally do things. It's almost like a jazzy kind of approach so, it
took a second. But once we found the right groove it all started to fall
into place. And Myles had a fucking awesome melody for it. So
I'm really happy we managed to persevere and get it to where I wanted
it. But it was definitely the hardest song on the record to put

Myles: "To me, Slash's guitar melody on this is so… so Slash.
It's such a unique thing that he does, and so classic. As far as the
lyric, it's kind of a cautionary tale about choosing your career over
true love. In this case, the character's an entertainer who's coming to
terms with the fact that when the glory days come to an end there's the
potential to end up a pretty lonely old man. I think sometimes people
who are extremely ambitious forget about what's most important in life.
So, I thought it'd be interesting to touch on that."

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