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Apocalyptic Love
  1. Apocalyptic Love (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  2. One Last Thrill (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  3. Standing In The Sun (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  4. You're A Lie (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  5. No More Heroes (Slash / Myles Kennedy / Eric valentine)
  6. Halo (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  7. We Will Roam (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  8. Anastasia (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  9. Not For Me (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  10. Bad Rain (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  11. Hard & Fast (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  12. Far And Away (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  13. Shots Fired (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  14. Carolina (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  15. Crazy Life (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  Date de sortie: 21/05/2012

Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.
Apocalyptic Love

L'album compte 13 titres dont 2 titres bonus.
Carolina et Crazy life sont des bonus tracks qui apparaissent sur l'édition Classic Rock Fan pack.

21 Mai 2012 (France)
22 Mai 2012 (USA)
18 Mai (Australie)
16 Mai (Japon)

Producteur, ingénieur, mixage: Eric Valentine
Assistant ingénieur: Bradley Cook
Trevor Whatever: Guitar Tech / Session Coordinator
Label: Dik Hayd Music


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“Apocalyptic Love“, the title track for the album, was basically a tongue-in-cheek idea about if there really was going to be an apocalyptic event, and you knew it was coming, what would you want to be doing [laughs]? It just seemed like that sort of heated romantic interlude of that last 5 minutes on earth: that was what that was about. There’s a couple other songs that are not really based on anything going on in Myles’s life, but the rest of the record is influenced by a certain crazy period in his existence some years ago. That goes into every song except for a couple that are sort of random. It’s not like a “theme” necessarily, but I kept hearing from Myles what he was talking about all the way through - Slash -

Chiffres de vente:
- 38 000 copies vendues aux USA la première semaine de sa sortie.
- Plus de 100 000 albums vendus rien qu'aux USA en 2012
- Plus de 10 000 albums vendus en France en 2012
- Disque d'Or en Nouvelle Zélande en 2012
- Disque d'argent au Royaume-Uni en 2016 (60K)

Copyrights Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.
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