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  1. Ghost (Slash / Ian Astbury)
  2. Crucify The Dead (Slash / Ozzy Osbourne)
  3. Beautiful Dangerous (Slash / Fergie )
  4. Back From Cali (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  5. Promise (Slash / Chris Cornell)
  6. By The Sword (Slash / Andrew Stockdale)
  7. Gotten (Slash / Adam Levine)
  8. Doctor Alibi (Slash / Lemmy)
  9. Watch This (Slash / Duff McKagan / Dave Grohl)
  10. I Hold On (Slash / Kid Rock)
  11. Nothing To Say (Slash / M. Shadows)
  12. Starlight (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
  13. Saint is a Sinner Too (Slash / Rocco Deluca)
  14. We're All Gonna Die (Slash / Iggy Pop)
  15. Sahara (Slash / Koshi Inaba)
  16. Paradise City (Cypress Hill / Fergie)
  17. Mother Maria (Slash / Beth Heart)
  18. Baby Can't Drive (Slash / Alice Cooper / Nicole Scherzinger / Flea / Steven Adler)
  19. Chains & Shackles (Slash / Nick Oliveri)

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"By the Sword" is the first official single from Slash's solo album. It features Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother on vocals and was released as a single on March 1, 2010.

“It’s just a riff that I had that stuck with me. I think I came up with it here in the UK with Velvet Revolver at a soundcheck. A lot of the material on the record was written in hotel rooms during that last Velvet Revolver  tour.

"Andrew’s phenomenal singer but I’d never met him before so I didn’t know who to fucking contact! And a friend of mine – Tom Zutaut, the guy that signed Guns N’ Roses to Geffen back in the eighties – got his number for me.

"Andrew happened to be in Hollywood working on Cosmic Egg, so I took an acoustic over there and we wrote the song together. I had this riff and a couple of chord changes and he changed a couple of chords for the chorus, it was just very organic. It’s a very cool song.”
It's probably only a coincidence to notice the first line of the lyric references riding horses like the U2 song but also that the third line refers to the U2 album, All that You Can't Leave Behind....

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