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Running time: 4:30
music by: Velvet Revolver
words by: Scott Weiland
available on: Contraband [2004, Album], Fall To Pieces [2004, Single]

Radio date (Europe): August 23, 2004
Radio date (U.S.A): August 2, 2004

Scott Weiland: Vocals
Duff McKagan: Bass
Slash: Guitar
Dave Kushner: Guitar
Matt Sorum: Drums

Douglas Grean: Keyboards, co-production

Published by Velvet Revolver Songs (ASCAP)
Produced by Josh Abraham and Velvet Revolver
Mixed by Andy Wallace at Enterprise Studios, CA
Recorded by Ryan Williams at NRG & Pulse Recording
Vocal Engineering: Douglas Grean
Assistant Engineer: Brandon Belsky
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC.

Duff about Fall To Pieces that he played with a Marshall: "Yeah. I played it with the idea of putting cello in there. I could just play the root note but me being me I wanted to find the riff that goes around that thing. It just came to me, it just happened. It wasn't like I went home and worked on it, it just happened. We thought it would be great to have a cello with that line but everybody liked the bass just being the bass and it's more of a sparse song." Total Guitar Bass, April 2004)

"Try not to get your head crushed by the big toms of 'Fall to Pieces.'" (Drum Magazine, April 2004)

Duff:"On 'Fall To Pieces', that was one piece bass-wise" (Total Guitar Bass, April 2004)

Slash explaining when he pulled out his 1954 Les Paul: "I used it for the beginning of 'Fall to Pieces', that clean guitar sound." (Total Guitar, April 2004)

""It is another ballad, but it's different as it's a power ballad with lots of loud guitars. It has no strings like 'November Rain' of GN'R." (Douglas Grean)

"‘Fall To Pieces’ has a touch of a recycled ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ in the chord-structure, and while not unpleasant, bears not the precious fruits of VR’s emotive angst." (Rock Feedback, April 2004)

"'Falling To Pieces', an epic, acoustic flavoured Zippo-raiser that's more Bon Jovi than Bon Scott and stinks of cynical filler." (Metal Hammer, April 2004)

"Victorious arena rocker “Fall to Pieces”" (Guitar World Bass Guitar, April 2004)

"'Falling To Pieces' is also tipped as a single and it's a wistful, acoustic guitar centred weepy in the epic tradition of Bon Jovi's overly sincere ballads." (Metal Hammer, March 2004)

"“Fall to Pieces,” which revisits the multilayered texture of G n’ R’s “November Rain.” (Gil Kaufman & Steve Baltin in Rolling Stone Magazine, issue November 27, 2003)

The heavy ballad "Fall to Pieces," [..] features Slash's signature guitar sound and invokes the Gn'R classic "November Rain. [..] "'Falling [sic] to Pieces' is going to be a cool song to play live because it's such an arena rocker," McKagan says. "You can already envision the corny video for it, on the mountaintop, playing a guitar solo." (Steve Baltin in Rolling Stone Magazine, Online edition, December 12, 2003)

Copyrights Velvet Revolver.
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