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Running time: 4:08
music by: Velvet Revolver
words by: Scott Weiland
available on: Contraband [2004, Album], Slither [2004, Single]

Radio date (U.K.): March 9, 2004. First aired on BBC Radio 1's 'Rock Show'.
Radio date (U.S.A): April 12, 2004.

Scott Weiland: Vocals
Duff McKagan: Bass
Slash: Guitar
Dave Kushner: Guitar
Matt Sorum: Drums

Published by Velvet Revolver Songs (ASCAP)
Produced by Josh Abraham and Velvet Revolver
Mixed by Andy Wallace at Enterprise Studios, CA
Recorded by Ryan Williams at NRG & Pulse Recording
Additional Vocal Engineering: Douglas Grean
Assistant Engineer: Brandon Belsky

An early version of this song was produced by Bob Ezrin, but most likely the band re-recorded it with album producer Josh Abraham. This song was performed live at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on June 19, 2003.

The producer Douglas Grean describes 'Slither' as "an obvious hit and it's uptempo and hard with a great chorus." "I think Slither is a good choice for the first single. It's certainly a hit".

Duff:"Slash had the riff for ‚ÄúSlither,‚ÄĚ then Matt and I wrote the intro, the bridge and some turnarounds." (Guitar World's Bass Guitar, June/July 2004)

Dave:"Slash'd already done his rhythm parts(for Slither), his solos, which was great because I could then go my own way with it, fill up the holes. In the intro, there's this wall of wah-wah and delay, I used the Line 6 Delay and right where it stops before the verse there's this trail-off and that's the Line 6 Delay. Halfway through the verses you can hear it thicken up. I used a Hyper Fuzz pedal straight into the board, not through an amp, to double my rhythms and in the breakdowns it's like a wah and delay." (Total Guitar, April 2004)

Duff about Slither: "We're all playing the same riff in that, the verse riff. That's three fat instruments playing the same thing." (Total Guitar, April 2004)

"Slither’ boasts grappling guitar, drilling steadily behind Weiland’s sensual drawl, and when the vocals end, the hair-metal guitar solo begins, and listeners either raise an almighty fist to the air, or gag." (Rock Feedback, April 2004)

"'Slither', really is a world class offering, perhaps the one occasion where VR combine into something more than the sum of their legendary parts." (Metal Hammer, April 2004)

"‚ÄúSlither,‚ÄĚ with a menacing McKagan bass line [..]" (Gil Kaufman & Steve Baltin in Rolling Stone Magazine, issue November 27, 2003)

Weiland describes "Slither," a rocker that twists and turns its way through the underbelly of the pre-dawn world, as a "dark, prodding heavy one that definitely has an old STP vibe to it." (Steve Baltin in Rolling Stone Magazine, Online edition, December 12, 2003)

"'Slither,' opens with brooding bass and gurgling guitar before erupting into a head-bobbing rocker that could be Soundgarden covering STP. Then the chorus kicks in, and Slash picks a familiar distorted guitar lick while Weiland croons an infectious line that'll make for an obvious concert sing-along." (MTV Review, March 2004)

"'Slither' is an ominous midtempo track featuring a classic G n' R groove, touches of Rhodes piano, and Weiland sounding more like a rock god than ever." (Revolver Magazine, January 2004)

"Forthcoming single ‚ÄėSlither‚Äô is what ‚ÄėCochise‚Äô was to Audioslave. It‚Äôs a pretty simple recipe, take an imposing riff, add some phlegm soaked vocals, mix it with years of experience and you have the perfect comeback single. ‚ÄėSlither‚Äô is perfect in the sense it indicates everything you would expect of the band." (Crud Magazine, April 2004)

"Charismatic but troubled singer? Check. A band named after a firearm? Check. Slash? Check again. Welcome to the world of Velvet Revolver. The pairing of three core members of GN'R (Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum) with former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland makes good sense from a rock standpoint. "Slither" isn't trailblazing, but it is comfort food for rock radio. The sound is more mid- to late-era STP than GN'R, yet Slash offers a blistering guitar solo that re-affirms why his former band remains popular. While neither act has been defunct long enough for their sounds to be considered retro, "Slither" will have an undeniable appeal to any fan of meat-and-potatoes rock'n'roll from members of two bands that helped define it. With an album due shortly, as well as a sold-out tour, Velvet Revolver will surely be kept top of mind.-BT" ( review, April 30, 2004)

A propos du clip:

Lorsque Slash & Duff McKagan était venu à Paris en Février 2004 pour assurer la promo, ils en ont profité pour visiter les catacombes de Paris et demander l'autorisation d'y tourner le clip de "Slither".
Pour des raisons techniques, c'est finalement dans les pays de l'est qu'il est tourné.

Executive Producer: Brent Coert
Directed by: Kevin Kerslake
First Assistant Director: John Schiede
Director Of Photography: Jonathan Seles
Production Designer: Trae King
RCA Video Commisioner: Lorin Finkelstein

The 'Slither' video follows club kids as they chase through underground tunnels in search of the rock band, according to The catacomb scenes were shot in March 2004 in the Czech Republic, while the performance scenes were filmed in Los Angeles on April 4, when Scott was granted a 9-hour leave from rehab to shoot the video!

Matt Sorum about the comcept: "It's crazy. Everyone's all text messaging each other to find out where the shows are, and it's got a great vibe. We wanted to re-create that, because it's super-underground, and it's a real rock resurgence."

Copyrights Velvet Revolver.
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