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Running time: 5:49
music by: Velvet Revolver
words by: Scott Weiland
available on: Contraband [2004, Album]

Scott Weiland: Vocals
Duff McKagan: Bass
Slash: Guitar
Dave Kushner: Guitar
Matt Sorum: Drums

Douglas Grean: Keyboards

Published by Velvet Revolver Songs (ASCAP)
Produced by Josh Abraham and Velvet Revolver
Mixed by Andy Wallace at Enterprise Studios, CA
Recorded by Ryan Williams at NRG & Pulse Recording
Additional Vocal Engineering: Douglas Grean
Assistant Engineer: Brandon Belsky

Slash:"There's this song called 'Loving The Alien', where I play a Gibson ES-335 through a Fender amp with some reverb." (Gitarre & Bass Magazine, April 2004)

Douglas Grean about Loving the Alien: "It is a ballad so its mid tempo and is very beautifully arranged with lots of cool parts coming in and out. It's kind of an art rock piece, that it's kind of surreal with swirling backwards guitars and some unique instrumentations. Scott really loves the art rock thing. It has a big John Bonham drum sound that drives the song. Very cool!"

"Loving the Alien (sometimes)" is an art-rock ballad that was produced by Douglas Grean. (Scott Weiland, 9/11/2003)

"This is a sad song. This is a true song. So far it's been the hardest to sing. Hope you like it." (Scott Weiland, 10/26/2003)

Matt: "For ‘Loving the Alien,’ I did a two-mike setup on the drum kit with some baffles.” (Drum Magazine, April 2004)

Duff: "We needed something with a Stones Exile on Main Street vibe, so Matt and I wrote “Loving the Alien.” (Guitar World's Bass Guitar, June/July 2004)

Copyrights Velvet Revolver.
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