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Slash is a known snake lover, do you like snakes?

I do now. Ive learned to appreciate them since being with Slash, but I wouldn't run out and get one.


What are the hardest & most awesome things about being married to such a big Rockstar?

TIME!!!!! He is so constantly busy, as am I. Its different then being busy at an office. Not only are we both in an office but We are also traveling constantly (sometimes for months at a time), promoting things constantly, (He is always doing an interview etc)?After he gives so much to his fans at shows, gives to interviews. Has business meetings, does charity work, etc. there is not much left for us, (London, Cash and me) Its very hard because he gives everyone a little piece of himself. ( And he does it whole heartedly!!!) But I wouldn't trade my life for anyones! I love him and appreciate him so much. And I feel that we are very fortunate to live the lifestyle we do.


In Slash's book he talks about when you were arrested for violating probation & had to spend some time in jail, what was that like & were you scared?

I was more pissed off than anything. Yes I was a bit scared but after a few days, I was friends with everyone. You know, it was a situation that was out of control so there was nothing I could do other than just go with it.I got along with everyone,Blacks, Hispanics, americans, everyone. I was fortunate that I looked white, spoke Spanish and had a bigger attitude than some of the black girls there.Im very personable and I make the most of every situation. I did anything  to entertain myself. Jail is VERY boring! I learned to thread facial hair (no tweezers in jail so we pulled the thread from the blankets and used it to pull the hairs out) There is no makeup in county jail but we made makeup out of "skittles" candy and mascara out of coffee! even had fashion shows  I created where we all used our sheets to make different outfits late night. I played cards with the girls (they taught me how to play spades there) I even got a job there to pass the time.


Have you got a favourite saying or life Motto?

"Well behaved women rarely make history."


You seem to be such a strong & confident woman, have you got any hints or tips for women out there?

Bitch! Believe in yourself because if you don't know one else will! Always try to be your best that way even if you didn't succeed at something, are skinny enough, etc. you know you have done all you could. BE HAPPY! The big boom can happen tomorrow and how would you want your last day to be? And always recognize the things that are out of your control. You can not change people, situations and things. You can only control yourself and what you ALLOW in your life. And give with your heart...


What does Perla Hudson do for fun & how do you love to relax?

I love to hang out with my friends and family. A perfect relaxing day for me is waking up with my family having breakfast together, hanging out by the pool and cooking. I LOVE those days at home. Those are usually my Sundays. Its not a secret Slash and I almost split up last year and It made me realize who our true friends are and whos just here because of who Slash is and what we have. Needless to say my guest list for Sundays has been minimized...

I also love to dance and drink champagne! I am a beach/boat person so put me near the water and I am at my happiest.


Every time I see photo's of you at a special event, you always look smashing, do you have a favourite designer?

I don't really have a favorite! I like unique sexy looks! And it doesn't have to be designer. I mix up dolce and gabana and target! Its what makes me feel pretty, sexy and confident!


You have recently lost a lot weight, congratulations! It's such a hard thing to do! You obviously work out, do you prefer the gym or outside training?

Thank you Mamma!! But, Gurl....... I do it all!!!! I workout at a gym and at home (we have a small gym) I like to get out and run, climb, hike. I have a very short attention span and get bored easily so I change it up constantly. I can NOT just run on a treadmill. I like to do stairs, weights, pilates, play ball with my boys, anything to keep me moving. I prefer whatever keeps me guessing whether it be a gym or outside.

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