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Any big plans or New year resolutions made for 2011?

To not smoke! (I haven't had a ciggy since October 31st!) To finish unpacking and decorating our home (we moved in 1 1/2 years ago) Spend more time with my kids


So now I have some questions from some fans for you:

Who is your favourite band at the moment other than Slash?

Some of you will kill me when I say this! Im into electro house music! I love David Guetta and Swedish house mafia... As for new Rock, I like kings of Leon. I am always a rolling stones fan at heart


What is your favourite country?

Spain! And Cuba although the situation for my people there saddens me a bit. I haven't visited South America but Im going there in March so we will see..


How tall are you?

The truth... 5 foot 6 (im not that tall)


How did you handle those hurricane personalities in your marriage? Was it difficult to grow up as a couple & leave the crazy youth behind? I mean, at some stage in our lives we need to take responsibilities & blablabla. Did you manage to do that & have you got any advice?

  We are not perfect and we are both still immature. We have grown to respect each other and appreciate what we have together. Getting off drugs was the best thing that happened to us. My advice is if you want something you got to work at it. Nothing is easy. And you must respect and love your partner. Once you Commit, COMMIT! Expecially with children. It is not a game. Recognize what you have and make it grow.


Is there anybody you have been starstruck with that you have met along your journey through life & if so who & what did you do?

Tina Turner! I think she is a hell of a lady! First time my path crossed her I was in Paris talking on my cell in the hallway (this was way before Slash) Someone came out of her room and told me to keep it down. I had no idea who it was so I called the front desk. Back then they would tell you who was in a hotel and they said Tina Turner! I sent her 5 dozen white roses and a note that said I apologized for being loud and she was an inspiration to me. She sent me tix to her show that night. Sadly I couldn't go cause I had to travel. The second time I saw her she was sitting next to me on the plane last year when I was coming back from Ibiza and Slash had filed for divorce before I came back to America from my holiday. I went in the bathroom and cried because she was there and to me it was a sign to be strong like her.


Do you have a wish or a dream that you haven't done as yet?

I wish to one day to work because we love it, not work because we have to. (Trust me the more you have, the more the responsibility)

My dream is to see my children grow up into men.


Do you speak Spanish to London & Cash & do you try to give them the Latino Culture?

I missed the boat when they were little because I didn't speak much Spanish to them and their nannies were from Europe. But now I do. London understands a lot. The little bugger just wont speak it. But now they get to earn rewards if they practice their Spanish. We are always listening to Spanish music and lots of dancing and Cuban food!

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