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Do you have an Idol you would like to meet & if so who would that be?

Shes dead. But if I could it would be Jackie Kennedy and Id ask her how did she do it all!


Do London & Cash have a personalities similar to Slash?

Cash is very much like his father, homebody, introverted, very in his own world. Artisitic, imaginative and talented musically. Although he looks like me. And London looks more like his dad but is all Ferrer when it comes to personality! Outgoing, talkative, Mr Know it all! And mature beyond his years


Where do you buy your clothes from (Jeans & Shirts) from? Do you have a favourite store?

Like I said above, I don't care where its from as long as I like it. I do go to my local mall, Neiman Markus, Rodeo drive to target! But some of the best things I buy are when I travel. I like to go to local designers and local shops.


Did you ever think that you would ever marry a Rock Star?

I knew Slash was meant for me the first time I saw him. If he was a plummer Im sure id have the same feelings. It wasn't what he was, its who he is.


Where is the most romantic place that Slash has ever taken you to?

Anywhere by ourselves is romantic. From our bathtub to mexico!!


What do you like to do as a family for down time when Slash is home from touring?

Like I said above, just chilling out at home. Cooking, pool, playing kinect (im addicted!) Just being quiet at home with no one else other than our family is IT for us!!


Im so flattered people actually care about what I have to say and offer. Thank you all! I hope I can inspire you all as some have inspired me. Live big, dream big!!



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