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July 2013

It's been a while ! More than a decade we haven't heard of ex-Snakepit vocalist Rod Jackson. We decided to break the silence and ask him about his current solo project, his past job in Slash's Snakepit and future plans.
We got also an interview with Pride Hutchison, drummer, producer, co-writer, friend of Rod Jackson and owner of Explosive Records. Back to the moment !
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1/ Hi Rod, how are you ? Long time no news ! Could you explain to your fans what have you done since Snakepit ?
I have been working on a solo album and growing as a musician and it is just about time to come out.

2/ Could you introduce your new band 
My new band is “Shady Tree” with my drummer/producer and co-songwriter, Pride Hutchison.
What I love about Shady Tree is our songs / the music….and that everyone plays an active part in creating them!
Pride Hutchison (Drums), Gary Neal (Base), Bill “Stumuk” Nugent (Horns) and Lamar “Kronik” Mitchell (Keyboards) 
It is really cool that Pride was able to hook up with legendary producer, Andy Johns (before he passed) and Andy began to work with Pride on some of the artists on the Explosive Records Label…including our 2 Shady Tree songs that are available on ITunes. Pride learned some really cool techniques while working with Andy so we are going back and re-mixing a couple of our songs right now.

3/ When will you release a new music / CD ?
I have 2 singles that just came out…and they rock!  â€śDiamond” and “Better Half” check them out! And we expect to release the album in September. You can download both songs on ITunes.
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4/ What’s your best moments you spent with Slash’s Snakepit ? Any particular moment or story to share ?
There s a thing that you do at the end of a show where everyone goes back to the bus and dumps their drugs on the table and the sun was just starting to come up…and I opened the window on the bus and this warm air hit me and I said this is the most complete I feel as a human being.

5/ Unfortunately, the “Ain’t Life Grand” Tour didn’t bring you to France but have you ever been there ?
Yes…Loved it! I can understand why the jazz guys did not want to leave there.

6/ Do you remember why Slash stopped Snakepit ?
His girlfriend got pregnant.

7/ Have you heard Slash’s solo projects lately ? Conspirators and Velvet Revolver ? If yes, What do you think of it ?
I have not heard any of Slash’s music since Snakepit
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8/ Any touring plans with Shady Tree ?
Yes definitely…that should be coming up soon.

9/ Are you into new technologies ? What do you think of Facebook and Twitter ?
I think its good…I think its bad…good to get your face out there to meet other people good to be able to interact…bad because any weirdo can get in touch with you.

10/ What kind of music do you listen to these days ?
I listen to a lot of old funk, 70’s rock. "Black and blue" by the Rolling Stones and some new stuff…Zero 7.

11/ We know that you worked with Big Swede on some projects with Johnny Griparic, could you tell us more about it? 
I worked with Big Swede with Refurbished it is very hard rock it has Johnny Griparic…amongst others. 

12/ One last word for your french fans ?
"Viva LA France!"

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