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SLASH'S INTERVIEWSlash France solo 2013 0327_hob_anthrax slashint
by Slash France

1/ We know there’s Apocalyptic Love outtakes: Eric Valentine mentioned “Hold The Line” and described it as one of his favorite  song on AL, could you tell us more about it ?
Hold the line ? (thinking...) I'm pretty sure that is Crazy Life's original title.

2/  There’s a lot of guitar on Apocalyptic Love, have you thought about releasing a Songbook tabs for it, fans would appreciate a lot ?
The reason we haven't put a tab book out is because everything is available on line. The Internet is putting the songbook co out of biz. 

3/ Have you read Duff or Steven Adler's autobiographies? if yes what did you think about it ?
I have not read either of their books. I know them, why do I want to read their books? It feels like stalking.

4/ When have you seen Izzy Stradlin' for the last time ?
Last time I saw Izzy I think was when he came & played on "Ghost". Ive been on the road since then. We text every so often though.

5/ Are you influenced by new bands when you write new material ?
I listen to everything, new & old. If I hear anything fresh & inspiring, it might make me think about new ideas.

6/ With which material have you recorded the Angry Birds theme. Is it alone w/ your ipad app in your hotel room cause it doesn't sound like a demo ?
I did Angry Birds on my computer w/Amplitube in a hotel room on tour.

7/ We know that you like metal bands like GOJIRA, Machine Head but what about rock bands like MUSE ?
There is some great stuff on the new Muse cd. This latest from them is the 1st time I ever really paid attention to Muse. I like them.

8/ You're working on new material for Conspirators album, will we see epic riffs and songs like "Anastasia" ?
You never think about the last album when your making a new 1. Except not to make the same record twice. 

9/ Not sure you'll unveil anything about the new Gibson AFD red or another Marshall stuff but let's ask !
We're working out the particulars w/the red "inspired by" AFD. Nothing set w/new Marshall. Just talking about new ideas.

10/ Last question about "Nothing Left To Fear", any chance to release the soundtrack on cd along with the movie?
There will be a soundtrack. Except for the theme song, very little guitars in the score. But I did co write a lot of it.

We’re reaching 70 000 fans on the Facebook page and your french fans community is still growing up, any words to add to them ?
70k?! Tell each & every one of them I/we really appreciate the support. More than they realize. Can't wait to deliver a new record next year.

Thanks very much For your time Slash.
No worries, Cheers!

Interview conducted by via internet on March 27th and 28th. 2013.

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