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We've talked about the "Patience" video before. Can you tell me about how this video came about and the snake you used for it?

I just took Pandora down to the video shoot and we did a scene where I'm laying in bed. She's just a regular red-tailed boa—it's a he, actually. He's a real sweetheart. I named him Pandora because I thought it was a she. I didn't really check him out too well when I got him.

So, I took him down to shoot this scene in the video, a scene that I wrote. I always write my own scenes, and I had this idea to use a snake. It's pretty cool. You met Pandora today, so you should be able to recognize her in the video.

Pandora was given to me by Lisa Flynt, who is Larry Flynt's daughter.

A fellow snake lover?

No, she doesn't know anything about snakes, which is how I wound up with Pandora. Someone gave Pandora to her or she bought him somewhere. She had this snake and realized she had no idea what she was doing, so she gave it to me. Actually, now, Pandora is the longest living of all my so-called rock-and-roll snakes. Pandora had an infection recently that we took care of, and he's okay.

We've saved a lot of snakes around here. We've taken in so many orphan snakes that had things wrong with them—mites and ticks and everything.

So many people don't know how to take care of snakes and buy them on impulse.

Yeah, I've been given some that were breathing bubbles, and they had mouth rot and abscesses—all kinds of obvious stuff, not to mention things that you don't normally see. Some had obvious abrasions. When I first got Clyde, someone had pulled him out of a tree roughly, and he had all these scars from being pulled through the branches.

It's kind of a trip. As I said, people ask me to give homes to snakes they don't want, which is why I have more than enough snakes, but I don't mind taking them if people can't facilitate them.

I received this one ball python that was completely emaciated and had been fed oatmeal. So this snake is dying, and the owner is force-feeding it oatmeal! We brought her back to life, and now she is doing fine. But you know ball pythons, they're iffy at best.

Right. They're known for long periods of fasting.

Yeah. That's for sure.

So a large portion of your snakes were given to you sick, and you nursed them back to health?

Yeah, most of them. Actually, I can only think of a few that I went out and bought.

Have you gotten involved in breeding at all?

Breeding was never my main concern. I have been lucky with my albino Burmese pythons, and they've bred. I've kept a few of the babies and given the rest of them to people I know who will take care of them.

The colubrid breeding we do here is really Jim's area.

A final question: As a reader of REPTILES magazine, what kinds of topics would you like to see covered in each issue?

As much as I hate to use the word, REPTILES is very informative. There are a lot of books out there that are full of wrong information. For me, personally, it's just nice to see a magazine dedicated to that particular subject-which is reptiles. That's what's cool. Although there might be something in there that is of particular interest to me, I just like having the magazines around. They're interesting to read, you know? They're even better than Playboy (laughs).

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